TreeSize Personal, TreeSize Professional & SpaceObServer
Compare our hard disk space managers

In disk usage management, one size does not fit all. With TreeSize Personal, TreeSize Professional and SpaceObServer we offer you three tools to administrate the drive space. Each of them holds different advantages to handle file system information. This overview may help you to decide which tool is more suitable for your demands.

Comparison TreeSize
TreeSize Professional SpaceObServer Enterprise Edition
30-day free trial!
30-day free trial!
30-day free trial!
Up-to-dateness of information ***** ***** ***** (1)
Instant reports about directory size *** *** *****
Performance of first scan **** **** **
Report on directory growth / availability of historical data ** ** *****
Flexibility of the file search **** **** *****
Performance of the file search **** **** *****
Management of very large file system trees ** ** ****
Export options for scan results ***** ***** *****
Support for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 und Windows 10 (32 and 64 Bit) YES YES YES
Support for Windows Server
2003 and higher (32 and 64 Bit)
Exchange Server Scans YES
Scan Unix / Linux filesystems via SSH (Secure Shell) YES
Support of Network File System protocol (NFS) YES (4) YES (4)
Access to network drives YES (5) YES YES
Data storage in SQL database YES
Unicode support YES YES YES
Usage reports based on file types YES YES YES
Usage reports based on users YES YES YES
Obsolete file search YES YES YES
Duplicate file search, optionally with MD5 checksum comparison YES YES YES
NTFS Alternate data stream size
and NTFS Hard Links included
Automation and scripting support YES YES
Hierarchical Tree Map chart included YES YES YES
Support for portable installation YES
Maximum size of scanned data None (2) None (2) None (3)
30-day free trial!
30-day free trial!
30-day free trial!

Please note: The SpaceObServer Enterprise Edition was used in this comparison. You will find a comparison of the SpaceObServer Standard Edition and the SpaceObServer Enterprise Edition here.

(1)If NTFS Change Journals are activated
(2)Only limited by the available RAM
(3)Only limited by the capacity of database server
(4)No support for file owner or permissions
(5)In typical home networks, where the computer running TreeSize Personal is not part of a Windows domain and the remote system is not a Windows server